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DJI’s Mavic Mini drone flies high with its capable features and affordable price

The drone can fit in the palm of your hand.

Dji mavic mini
Image: DJI

As we reported earlier this week, DJI is set to release its smallest drone yet and it’s small enough to just fly under the radar (pun completely intended) of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Mavic Mini is not just a clever name, its small and lightweight design makes for a capable and high-functioning drone. If the Mavic Mini is of interest, DJI is taking preorders for the drone’s November 11 release.

A solid drone with a solid price point

Coming in with a $399 price tag, DJI’s Mavic Mini controls well and contains similar features to some of the manufacturer’s other drones, specifically the DJI Spark. The battery life, for one, allows for 30 minutes of flying time and the camera allows for any drone-photography enthusiast to shoot in HD at 30 frames per second with the same creative shooting software other DJI drones have.

A bonus feature on the Mavic Mini is the foldable legs that make it more portable as well.

The Mavic Mini is not without its faults, with a major one being its directional sensors. Since it is so small, there aren’t as many sensors to help it land softly. If you are not careful, this could result in some gnarly crashes in trees and bushes.

Even so, the Mini looks to be an easy-to-use drone with an equally good price, making it perfect for veteran drone users and first-timers alike.

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