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This $1,500 smart fitness mirror will bring your fitness class home

Fitness? Yeah, fitness whole pizza in my mouf.

mirror fitness product
Image: Mirror

Would you like to take a fitness class from the comfort of your home? Want to do it in the highest tech way imaginable? You may want to consider the $1,500 Mirror, which brings live instructors into your home 24/7.

From cardio and strength to yoga and boxing, Mirror streams unlimited classes from an NYC studio directly to your home. With your membership, you can enjoy over 50 new live courses weekly or experience one of the on-demand workouts.

Each mirror ships with an embedded camera and speakers so you can see and interact with your instructor and classmates. In the future, Mirror plans on adding one-on-one classes to the service, as well.

mirror fitness product

Image: Mirror

When you’re not taking a class, you’re left with a full-length everyday mirror. Just ignore that there is a camera there that may or may not be always watching and listening, silently judging you as you eat that second Ice Cream Snickers bar that you totally didn’t earn.

Other features include the ability to sync a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (complimentary with purchase) or Apple Watch to enable competition mode. Here, you can track your ability to achieve, maintain, and recover from targeted heart rate zones. You can earn points and try to beat your personal best, adding some nice gamification options.

With Mirror, you can choose from curated playlists featuring popular music or create your own. Use the Mirror’s embedded speakers, or sync your favorite Bluetooth audio device.

If you’ve ever experienced a Peloton, you know that $1,500 is probably more than appropriate for a device such as Mirror. Still, the concept is only as good as the product that’s being offered. What happens if the service goes offline or out of business? Also, do you want strangers to see and hear you at all hours of the day? I’m not so sure.

Each Mirror is $1,495. You must also commit to a one-year subscription, priced at $39.95 per month. You can also pay over time for $125 per month through Affirm.

What do you think? Could you justify the price? Let us know below.

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