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Snapchat went down last night – here’s how to fix it if you are still having issues

After Snapchat went down last night, some users are still reporting issues with the app.

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Snapchat suffered an outage last night that locked “some Snapchatters” out from their accounts for about five hours.

While most users are happily sending destructible messages again, there are still some isolated reports of not being able to log in.

The problems started at around 6 pm EST yesterday, with Snapchat confirming the issues on Twitter. The fix took about five hours, with Snapchat saying they had resolved the issue around midnight.

The thing is, some users of Snapchat are still saying that the app isn’t working for them. Issues they’re still experiencing include authentication issues letting them not sign in, or messages claiming there is something wrong with their connection.

These issues are still persisting even after uninstalling the app, clearing all data on their smartphone, and reinstalling the app. That points to Snapchat’s servers being at fault, so it’s now a waiting game for them to find whatever the issue stems from so they can get everything running normally again.

If you can’t get into Snapchat after you’ve tried manually updating the app, clearing your cache (Android, iOS), and reinstalling the app, don’t try using a third-party app to bypass the issue. That’s a sure-fire way to get your account booted off Snapchat forever, as they don’t like unauthorized third-party use.

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