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Make your space cooler with this smart coffee table

Add more smart features to your home with this table from Sobro.

Sobro smart table
Image: Sobro

Watching the big game, fragging friends online, or just shooting the proverbial breeze, your coffee table is the center of your space. Selecting a good piece is critical. The Sobro Cooler Coffee table is our pick for an attractive-looking piece that offers good functionality.

With a Bauhaus-style design that will integrate well in just about any space, the Sobro would be just as at home in a well-furnished dorm room as it would in an expansive modern home. But good looks are just the beginning, the Sobro’s real party piece is what’s inside. This table is packed with tech for your smart home.

Cooler than other coffee tables

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What could be better than a coffee table that can magically transport you a frosty beverage, straight from the fridge? The Sobro can do just that because, well it is a fridge.

A refrigerated compartment that rolls out occupies about half of the width of the unit. Store whatever you’d like, brews for the crew, your homemade iced coffee, leftovers that you don’t want to have to get up to nosh…the possibilities are endless.

This neat feature is probably why the Sobro will ring you up at a hair over $1000, but it’s a truly premium feature and compared to what you’d pay for a conventional fridge it’s a steal.

For busy families with packed ‘fridges, the Sobro wins you some space back and while it requires power, which many coffee tables don’t, designers actually found a way to make this would-be downside into a perk of this clever table.

It Has All the Things!

Complimenting your selection of frosty snacks and beverages, the Sobro packs integrated speakers, lighting and power supplies into its sleek case. And there’s still storage space, to boot.

Two drawers sit alongside the main refrigerated drawer and provide room for knickknacks and old remote controls. As for your personal devices, you can charge them quickly and easily using the Sobro’s integrated USB and 12-volt outlets.

Need some mood lighting to help you get into your show, movie or game? Sobro’s got you covered with color-variable LEDs that illuminate beneath and around the table.

Add to that stereo sound and bass from the integrated speakers, right there at your feet for clarity and realism and you’ve got one heck of a package from what you thought was just a coffee table handsome enough to look at home at an Apple Store.

Control at your fingertips

Screen shot 2019 06 24 at 11. 36. 16 am

Speaking of Apple, the Sobro features a clever, sleek and easy-to-use interface through which you can control all of these outstanding features.

Its glass top is inlaid with touch-sensitive buttons that allow you to connect your device to the table’s sound system, change the color of your ambient lighting, pair with your smart TV or even adjust the temperature of the refrigerated drawer, in case the blue mountains on your brewskies are taking too long.

And if you’re wondering where this life-changing centerpiece gets power for all this, fear not because Sobro has published a whole video guide on how to hide the cord.

Yes, you’ll need to overcome the challenge of running power to the smart table, but all that really takes is a small incision in the cheap floor covering of your choice, which will be hidden neatly out of the way by your table.

Run the cord discreetly to power and then use the tables integrated outlets to plug your devices into. Instead of six cords, you now only have to worry about hiding one! Just when you thought you’d found the flaw in this, the perfect table, Sobro is one step ahead. That’s why we like this little number in black or white, to match any modern living space.

You could easily spend $1000 on an artisan coffee table, but with the Sobro, you’re getting an entire entertainment system. It’s the wave of the future. Seriously, why don’t more soundbars come with an integrated fridge?

I guess the only thing this coffee table is missing, is, uh, a coffee grinder. And if that’s something you’re considering, we hear this Mr Coffee Burr Grinder is the way to go, which we discovered in this Mr Coffee Burr Grinder review here.

What do you think? Interested in this smart table? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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