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Someone made a 4K port of Super Mario 64 and I must have it

Please don’t come for me, Nintendo. That headline is just a sensationalization in an effort to generate clicks. I always legally purchase everything. Always.

Super mario 64 4k
Screenshot: YouTube

I’ve been around a console or two in my life, but one of the defining moments for me was the first time I played Super Mario 64 at one of those little kiosks in Toys ‘R’ Us (RIP). It was a literal gamechanger for me. Maybe it was the iconic characters in a new setting, or simply the 3D aspect of it, I don’t know. I just know it was the biggest deal ever to young me.

While the game still holds up to this day, the dated graphics can definitely be a bit jarring, especially when revisiting the title now that the rose-colored glasses of childhood have been ripped from our faces. Luckily, there is a literal angel out there that has made a fully-playable, 4K version of the title. I wish them Godspeed as they are surely on the run from Nintendo’s lawyers now.

We’ll keep your memory alive, YouTuber Unreal (surely no relation to, like, the real Unreal). Hell, we’re not sure the YouTube video will survive much longer, so make sure to check it out below.

Check out Super Mario 64 in all of its 4K glory

No, don’t ask. We don’t have a link for it. We’re not going to look for a link to it. Unreal doesn’t have a link and is also encouraging viewers not to link to it in the comments on YouTube. We are just going to enjoy this tasty video of the game in motion and wish lustfully for it to actually exist in an official capacity.

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