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Starting today, Amazon’s Echo will remember things on your command

“Alexa, remember that we’re but a speck of dust in an uncaring universe.”

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Amazon has been hinting at a bunch of new features that are coming to its Echo line of devices that utilize AI voice assistant Alexa. Now, users in the US will be able to use at least one of those features – Remember This.

Remember This will give users the ability to have Alexa remember the things you ask it to. Whether it’s a dentist appointment or your child’s birthday, simply tell Alexa to “remember” or “take note of” and the system will store that information for you. Once prompted, Alexa will then confirm that it is storing the information and you’re all set. Past the obvious examples, Amazon also offered examples like, “Alexa, remember that I kept the extra blankets in the attic.”

Then, when the time comes and you’re scrambling around looking for those extra blankets for Karen, your 35-year-old friend that you love dearly, but really wish she’d stop crashing on your couch, you can just ask Alexa where the hell those extra blankets went and the system will regurgitate that information back to you. Problem solved, crisis averted, and Karen, please, for the love of all things holy, get your shit together.

It’s a pretty basic feature, but nonetheless, still very useful for those that use their Echo regularly.

The other updates mentioned previously by Amazon, like conversation updates and updated Skills blueprints, are still on the way, but there has been no hard date set for that.

Do you own an Echo? Do you think this will be a useful feature or is it just another bloated piece of PR?

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