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Steam updated their chat platform and it now feels very similar to Discord

Ever complained about wanting Discord-like features in Steam? Your wish has been granted.

steam chat update
Image: Valve

Discord kicks ass, I use it for almost all gaming activities and conversations at this point. Many do. Steam isn’t happy about that and wants users to come back to their platform for the voice and chat conversations.

After a beta release of a new and improved Steam Chat system back in June, it seems it is now available to all users through an update that was pushed on July 24. Many of this features revolve around simple chat and usability, but after a quick tour, all of the changes are welcome. I’m just not sure they are needed.

You can now group friends by game, add favorite friends to a top bar, and there is updated chat features to allow for rich media links and GIF uploads. There is also easier ways to use voice chat, with new options that allow for voice chat groups, as well.

Group chats work similar to how Discord invites work, you’ll get a short link that is used as the key to let others in. Just like Discord, you can have these links expire after a certain amount of time.

After using the updated Steam client for a bit with friends, there is some good stuff here, but will it be enough to get users away from Discord? Honestly, probably not. Maybe Valve will see a small usage increase, but the fact is, Discord works and it works well. Steam doesn’t need to have these features anymore if we’re being honest.

The fact is, Steam wants us to stay on their platform, but gaming is so much bigger than just Steam, and that’s why Discord is still a better solution.

What do you think of the new updates? Let us know in the comments.

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