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Tesla opens up charging station network to more EVs

A $7.5 billion federal program is pushing for more standardized EV charging.

tesla supercharging station
Image: Tesla

UPDATE 3/1/2023: Tesla announced on February 28 that it has opened up “select” Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs in the US that are CCS-enabled. Drivers will need the Tesla app to take advantage of the feature.

Tesla is preparing to open part of its U.S. charging station network to competitors as part of a $7.5 billion federal program.

The program will see Tesla open up 3,500 of its Superchargers along highways to non-Tesla EVs.

Additionally, the program will include 4,000 of Tesla’s slower charging stations.

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Tesla’s decision to open its charging network is lame

Superchargers are no longer limited to Tesla owners. As a Tesla owner, I’m not exactly thrilled about the news.

The move is part of the Biden Administration’s goal of converting a majority of vehicle sales to EVs by 2030.

To do that, the nation’s charging network will need to be more fleshed out.

As part of this program, Tesla must add to the Combined Charging System (CCS) that the federal government considers standard.

That’s the only way the company will get access to the federal funds available.

Tesla also tweeted that “Select Tesla Superchargers across the US will soon be open to all EVs,” though the tweet didn’t share any timeline.

The company’s Supercharger network currently consists of a little over 17,000 stations, according to Reuters.

And it is constantly adding more Superchargers, with plans to double that number by the end of 2024.

It is by far the most established charging network for EVs in the country, something that the federal government is definitely looking to take advantage of.

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50 states will build nationwide EV charging network

The Biden administration allocated $5 billion to developing EV infrastructure, covering 75,000 miles of highways.

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