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A Tesla Model 3 used its “Sentry Mode” to catch a lowlife keying the car

People are terrible.

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Tesla vehicles have a lot of really cool features, but one of the more helpful ones is definitely Sentry Mode. With this mode, your Model 3 (and now the Model S and X, as well) will detect when things are happening to the car and start recording 360-degree footage to hopefully identify the issue.

Such is the case with this video posted on YouTube. A Tesla Model 3 was parked beside another car, and while helping children into the car, a woman took the chance to key the absolute heck out of the Model 3. She tried to be discreet about it, but even so, took the time to look back and admire her “handiwork.”

Unfortunately for her, Sentry Mode captured the whole thing.

Watch the full video below

According to the YouTuber, TesLatino, the video was shared with him from a friend. The friend went on to say that the woman was apprehended and put in handcuffs for vandalism.

I will never understand the compulsion to key someone’s car. I think most of us probably remember it happening when we were in our teens and a jealous person took out their grievances on someone else’s vehicle, but to see adults do it is a level of pettiness I’ll never understand.

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