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Tesla taps the brakes on Model Y, S, and X range estimates

Personally, if you were to ask me, the company is committing fraud.

sorry elon musk
Image: MarketWatch

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Tesla’s been playing a game of numbers that might just subtract from their usual electric buzz.

Recently, Electrek broke the story of how the EV giant took a red pen to the range on some of their electric-powered cars, and let’s say the numbers aren’t going up.

The Model Y Performance, for instance, saw its estimated range drop faster than my phone’s battery life in a cold snap, going from a cool 303 miles to a more “realistic” 285 miles.

And if you thought that was a fluke, the Long Range Model Y followed suit, trimming its range from 330 to a more modest 310 miles, as Futurism reports.

ModelPrevious Range (miles)Current Range (miles)Difference (miles)
Model Y Performance303285-18
Model Y Long Range330310-20
Model S Plaid390373-17
Model X396333-63

Now, why the sudden change of heart?

Getting the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth is a bit tricky these days, seeing as Tesla decided to ditch their PR team.

But the word on the street is that a slew of “comfort improvements” are to blame, which seem to have a bigger appetite for the electric juice than we thought.

Tesla Model S in red on the road.
Image: Tesla

But here’s the kicker: this isn’t the first time Tesla’s range figures have raised eyebrows. In fact, Reuters has highlighted that Elon’s electric empire has a bit of a history with optimistic range estimates.

I mean, the Justice Department even had to step in for a peek under the hood over these numbers. And let’s not forget Cybertruck’s real-world range test that’s leaving some buyers remorseful about their purchase.

And, to add a bit more spice to the mix, an anonymous insider claimed that Tesla’s been juicing up their range numbers for over a decade with algorithms that could make a car’s range look exceptionally positive.

Yea, not good. Personally, if you were to ask me, the company is committing fraud.

An angular, futuristic, silver pickup truck is parked on an asphalt road with a desert and mountains in the background at dusk.
Image: Tesla

It is important to be cautious about relying solely on glossy range numbers. These numbers may not always accurately reflect the actual mileage you can achieve in real-world driving conditions.

Your mileage may vary, and it may not always be in the way you hope.

Tesla might be dialing back the figures to stay on the right side of the law, or maybe they’re just getting real with us.

Either way, it’s a good reminder that in the world of EVs, just like in life, it’s best to plan for a little less than the brochure promises.

Will this prevent you from buying a new Tesla? Do you smell a class action lawsuit coming? Drop us a line below in the comments, or carry the discussion to our Twitter or Facebook. We try to reply to each one.

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