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Tesla unveiled a pickup truck that looks like it hasn’t finished rendering

Elon Musk hosted an event last night to unveil the vehicle.

Tesla cybertruck
Image: Tesla

Last night, Tesla showcased its sixth vehicle. It is a hyper-stylized, cyberpunk-influenced pickup truck called the Cybertruck. Naturally, the company’s CEO Elon Musk hosted an event at the Tesla Design Center to showcase the new vehicle.

The event did spawn some mock-worthy moments, such as Musk demonstrating the, as he said, ‘literally bulletproof’ glass by breaking it (WTF?).

It is, it is literally bulletproof to a nine millimeter handgun. That’s how strong the skin is – it’s ultra-hard, cold-rolled stainless steel alloy that we’ve developed. We’re going to be using the same alloy in the Starship rocket, and in the Cybertruck.

However, despite that, the unveiling was a success. TechCrunch reported the crowd displayed positive reactions to the CEO’s announcements regarding the specs and the prices. As the event concluded, Tesla confirmed the vehicle will be going into production in 2021.

Tesla’s Cybertruck looks like it came from a cyberpunk novel, but don’t let the looks fool you

Check out the unveiling above, courtesy of The Verge.

More about the different models available for the Cybertruck

Tesla will be manufacturing three different models of the Cybertruck each with its own internal specs. Each of the models is available for preorder and will require a $100 deposit. A self-driving addition will cost an additional $7,000 for all models.

First Version

  • Price: $39,900
  • Single motor, rear-wheel drive
  • Can get up to 250 miles on a single charge
  • 7,500 pounds towing capacity

Second Version

  • Price: $49,900
  • Dual motor, all-wheel drive
  • Can get up to 300 miles on a single charge
  • 10,000 pounds towing capacity

Third Version

  • Price: $69,900
  • Tri-motor, all-wheel drive
  • Can get up to 500 miles on a single charge
  • 14,000 pounds towing capacity

There is no doubt about it, the Cybertruck’s admittingly bizarre design is eye-catching. But it’s the specs of it that would make any skeptic interested.

Still, one can’t help but think it looks like the car from SpyHunter, but if that game was released on the PS1.

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