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This handheld dishwashing droid from Thanko brings new meaning to the plight of the lazy everyman

I must own it.

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Image: Gizmodo

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Do you hate washing dishes? Get grossed out by the bacteria havens known as sponges? Is either of these anxieties exacerbated by the crushing fear that you are destined to die cold and alone in some rathole apartment with not even so much as an ungrateful roommate who’s probably named Dave or Stewart to clean up your mess? Well then does Thanko have the product for you!

As first unearthed by Gizmodo, the Japanese electronics company’s latest creation looks to eliminate the mundane everyday humdrum of washing dishes with a piece of technology straight out of Pacific Rim. Introducing the handheld, motorized, robotic dishwasher scrubber thingy!

Powered by a rechargeable battery with a one hour charge time, two heavy-duty brushes affixed to the device more or less like jaws, and a pair of retractable arms to grip everything from plates and bowls to utensils, Thanko’s product (known as the “Kuru Sara Wash”) is currently available for the low, low price of $80 (plus shipping, as it’s currently only available in Japan).

Now, you may be asking yourself, “But isn’t dishwashing a relatively simple process that this Tyrannosaurian nightmare only seeks to complicate?” The simple answer is “yes” — though Thanko boasts that the Kuru Sara will cut your scrubbing time to just three to ten seconds per dish — the more complex answer is “yes, but does your sponge have retractable f*cking robot arms? Didn’t think so.”

And the Kuru Sara Wash isn’t just about saving you some time, it’s also about “protecting your hands from the damaging effects of scrubbing,” according to the device’s product page. That sound you just heard? That was your great-grandfather who spent 40 years working his hands to the bone in a coal mine rolling over in his grave.

Would you ever use this? Do your hands get damaged from the effects of scrubbing? Let us know below.

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