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The Brave browser now boasts 20 million monthly active users since launching Brave 1.0 last year

Even with its success, Chrome and Edge are still way in the lead.

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Image: Brave

Brave is one of the newest and fastest-growing browsers on the market today. Since launching Brave 1.0 a year ago, it has managed to win over 20 million monthly users and one million daily active users. 

The Brave 1.0 version is fundamentally different than the other version because it’s Chromium-based and uses a new ad-blocking algorithm inspired by Ghosterty and uBlock algorithms. Plus, Brave is available for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows 10, and macOS for the first time. According to Engadget, all of Brave 1.0 top features work perfectly on all platforms.  

When Brave 1.0 was launched last year in November, it already had around 8.7 million monthly active users.  

In just one year, their number of daily users increased 2.3 times. Brave is the best-rated browser on the Google Play Store. Also, Apple device users using iOS 14 can also now set Brave as a default browser. From September 2019 till November 2020, their base of iOS daily active users has increased by 34%.  

According to Brave, their browser is the fastest, safest, and most private browser globally. They firmly believe that those features drove their popularity and the massive increase of their user base. 

Another feature that makes Brave even more unique is that it has crypto in its DNA. Brave pays its users in BAT for watching web advertisements. Unlike other digital companies, Brave doesn’t sell user data to third-party brokers and calls that a method of surveillance capitalism. 

According to them, another area where they report great success is their average click-through rate for Brave ads, which is 9%. That’s a very high percentage considering that the industry average is slightly above 2%. 

But even with all that progress, Brave’s market share is too small to compare with other high-punching web browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Edge, and Google’s Chrome remain at the top as the most popular browser of all. Google Chrome’s market share is 66.2%, trailed by Edge in second place, and Mozilla in third.

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