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The new Photoshop Camera app takes social media filters to the next level

This is ridiculously cool.

photoshop camera app on ios and android
Image: Adobe

At this point in time, your hardpressed to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing a majority of the pictures posted without some type of filter. That’s fine, of course, but at this point,  they’re the norm and don’t necessarily help your photos stand out. The Photoshop Camera app may be able to help with that.

Available now on Android and iOS, Photoshop Camera is free and doesn’t require a Creative Cloud subscription to use. Using the company’s artificial intelligence system, Sensei, Photoshop Camera can accomplish a variety of tasks that typically have been traditionally done on photo-editing software like Photoshop and Premiere, while also offering users plenty of fun and interesting filters.

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I’ve been testing it for a few hours now and can honestly say this is the most impressive photo editing app I’ve ever used. Not only does it do a great job at color correction and basic tasks, but with Sensei, it almost instantly can pick out backgrounds and make them virtual green screens, allowing for some seriously cool edits.

(Also, I give myself permission to use this photo in a post.)

Some of the tools, like auto-blurring the background is nice, as it gives users with older phones an easy way to get the “Portrait mode” effect that is found in many newer devices. At present, there seem to be around 25 different filters to choose from, with many of them offering different variations within each one.

That said, there is a section for filter creators to submit their own for approval, and Adobe has noted that more are coming in the future.

Overall, this looks to be an absolute must-have app for those of us that like sharing pictures on social media, who also want to give the images just a little more “pop.”

Photoshop Camera is available on Android and iOS.

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