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The new PlayStation 5 controller is already suffering from stick drift

Imagine opening up that shiny new console and having to deal with this.

playstation 5 controller on table dualsense
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One of the best things about the new PlayStation 5 from Sony is its DualSense controller. It feels great, haptic feedback is interesting, and it’s just overall a good controller. Or, is it?

The console and controller have only been out for a couple of months and some users are already reporting stick drift issues, similar to those found on the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

One user on Reddit has even noted that the DualSense controller came out of the box with stick drift already happening. Another noted that stick drift started happening merely 10 days after purchasing a new PlayStation 5.

Strangely, some users have reported that restarting the console or resetting the controller has fixed the issue, but instances of that working seem few and far between. Doing that makes it seem like a software issue and not a hardware issue, but with limited reports, it makes it difficult to verify.

That said, Kotaku reports that Sony is aware of the issue and is allowing users to send in the faulty controllers for repair as the controller is still under warranty. Which points to a hardware issue. Those with stick drift have to pay for shipping to Sony, but the company covers repairs and shipping back to the user.

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