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The OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones are a budget option for audiophiles and DJs

The OneOdio Monitor 60 is a great headphone option for audiophiles and sound purists that don’t want to break the bank.

Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

If you’re one of those people who absolutely love music and want to recreate it in its purest form, then you will need to get yourself a good pair of headphones.

OneOdio is looking to deliver that with its Monitor 60 headphones designed for audiophiles and DJs alike. 

The OneOdio Monitor 60 is a closed-back pair of wired headphones. The headphones feature an ergonomic design and adjustable earcups that make it easy to listen to just one side at a time.

The Monitor 60 headphones are available on the OneOdio website for $89.99 (currently on sale for $79.99) and on Amazon for $79.99. If you use the code “SUPER20%” at checkout on the OneOdio website, you can save an extra 20 percent.

So let’s see what the headphones are all about. 


Oneodio headphones with bag
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

To kick things off, we’ll look at the Monitor 60’s design and what comes in the box. The headphones come with a nice, fake leather carrying bag.

And beyond the headphones themselves, there are a few different cords included. 

The headphones come with three different cables for different needs. There’s a three-foot 3.5mm cable with a built-in microphone that’s good for use with something close, like your phone.

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There’s also a 10-foot 3.5mm cable that nixes the microphone but gives you some extra room to move around.

And finally, there’s a coiled 3.5mm to 6.35mm cord that can stretch out to around 10 feet at full length. So, as you can see, the Monitor 60 is a wired-only set of headphones. 


Oneodio monitor 60 headphones standing
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

So, now we’ll take a look at the design. The headphones are pretty light considering their size. And that’s because a majority of the material used in the build is plastic. The earcups and hinges are all plastic with little in the way of metal accents. 

And speaking of the hinges, these earcups have an incredibly wide range of motion. Ideally, this is to make it easy to listen to one side at a time and leave your other ear open. But the hinges do feel a little wonky and tend to flop around a little too much for my liking. 

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But beyond that, the headphones are pretty comfortable. Their lightweight build leads to little or no pressure when the headphones sit on your head. And the thick, padded earcups feel very soft and comfortable. 

The adjustable headband is yet again covered in plastic but includes a padded leather cover that gives plenty of protection on the top of your head. 

How do the Monitor 60 headphones sound? 

Oneodio monitor 60 headphones inside
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

When it comes to sound, the Monitor 60 headphones are impressive considering their relatively affordable price point. The dual 50mm drivers included in the headphones are fine-tuned for studio-quality sound.

The headphones feature a frequency response of 20Hz to 40KHz and an impedance of 38 ohms to offer clear, studio-quality sound across all kinds of audio.

The Monitor 60 sounds great across all ranges of sound. No matter what kind of audio you are listening to, the Monitor 60 offers fine-tuned hardware to deliver clear and complete sound. 

Bass always sounds full without any sort of distortion. And the mid and higher range tones fill in beautifully to offer a great complete sound. 

These headphones are definitely designed for studio users and audiophiles with their clear, complete sound across all ranges.

Final thoughts

Oneodio monitor 60 headphones outside
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

The OneOdio Monitor 60 is a great headphone option for audiophiles and sound purists that don’t want to break the bank on a pair of headphones. 

They are versatile, with a few different connection options so you can listen via all sorts of different devices. And they deliver studio-quality sound at the relatively affordable price of $79.99. 

Of course, there are some small improvements that could be made. For instance, you can only get the Monitor 60 in black. It would be nice to have a few different color options. 

And I would personally prefer a little less movement in the hinges for the earcups. But that might be a plus for others and isn’t even a huge complaint from me. 

If you’re interested in checking out the Monitor 60 headphones from OneOdio, you can get them from the company’s website for $89.99 (though they are currently on sale for $79.99 and you can get an extra 20 percent off using the code SUPER20% at checkout.)

They are also available from Amazon for $79.99. If you’re a vendor looking to sell these headphones, you can check out the company’s wholesale page here. 

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