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The PlayStation VR2 will have over 20 ‘major’ games at launch

The launch will include both first and third-party games.

Playstation vr2 headset and controllers
Image: Sony

Sony has revealed that more than 20 “major” games will be available for its upcoming PlayStation VR2 at launch. The list will include both first and third-party games, one of which we’ve already heard about.

Sony recently revealed a presentation (PDF) to investors with tons of information about the company’s earnings and development. As part of the presentation, the company revealed its plans to have 20+ games available for the PlayStation VR2 when it launches.

While the company didn’t really reveal any of the titles that will be available as part of this presentation, one of the slides did highlight a Horizon Zero Dawn spinoff that we heard about a few months back.

Playstation vr2 20 games slide
Screenshot: Sony

Sony initially revealed Horizon Call of the Mountain back in January, alongside details about the PlayStation VR2 controllers. Beyond that, we don’t really know much more about the 20+ games that will be coming out.

Sony did share that there will be a mix of first-party and third-party titles at launch. So, it’s likely that not every game available will be built from the ground up specifically for PlayStation VR2, like Horizon Call of the Mountain.

There’s a good chance that we’ll see some ports of games for other VR platforms on PlayStation VR2. Some people are speculating that Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx could finally make its way to another platform, though this might be a bit of a long shot.

And of course, we still don’t have any kind of release date for the PlayStation VR2. Sony has been sharing hints about its new VR headset for more than a year at this point.

If you want to know more about Sony’s new upcoming VR headset, we’ve got you covered.

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