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The PS5 and Nintendo Switch will still be hard to come by in 2022

Both companies’ sales projections are lower than expected.

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UPDATE 1/9/2023 9:16 AM ET: PlayStation 5 availability has improved over the six months, but now Sony has stated that buyers should have an even easier time getting one in 2023. Dive deeper: Sony says getting a PS5 should be easier in 2023

The console shortage that has been plaguing gamers for more than a year is going to continue, according to Nintendo and Sony executives.

The two major players in the gaming space say that component shortages continue to hinder production.

Both Sony and Nintendo recently released their earnings announcements for the last fiscal year, ending in March.

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And included in those reports were projections for console sales for both companies. Neither of the numbers is very impressive.

Sony’s console sale projections are a bit of a disappointment compared to previous projections. The company aims to sell around 18 million PS5 consoles during this fiscal year. That’s over 4 million less than the previous projection of 22.6 million units.

Playstation 5 standard vs. Digital edition
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Still, that is a better forecast than the numbers for the latest fiscal year. During that year, Sony only sold 11.5 million units, a much less impressive number than the 14.8 million projected sales.

Nintendo says it plans to sell around 21 million Switch units this year, thanks to its already established inventory and supply chains. That’s less than the company’s sales last year (23 million), which were propelled by lockdowns.

What is causing subpar projections from Sony and Nintendo?

New nintendo switch oled
Image: KnowTechie

When it comes to Nintendo, the company can likely attribute the drop in sales to the fact that the console is five years old now.

Sure, Nintendo has seen its fair share of component shortages, though not as much as Sony and Microsoft have seen with their new consoles. Add in the new competition, like Valve’s Steam Deck, and that could mean it’s time for Nintendo to deliver a new console.

But in Sony’s case, the PS5 has never been able to keep up with demand since its launch. Supply chain shortages and COVID restrictions affected the production of the consoles greatly. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop anytime soon.

For those looking to get ahold of a new PS5 or Nintendo Switch, 2022 could still be your year. You’ll just have to make sure you keep an eye on all outlets and take advantage of listings whenever you see the console in stock.

The madness around snagging consoles from Nintendo or Sony is likely going to continue for a while.

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