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The Shellbot SL60 robot vacuum mops and vacuums while you relax

If you’re in the market for a robot vacuum and don’t want to break the bank, the SL60 from Shellbot is a good option for you to try.

Shellbot sl60 robovac main
Image: KnowTechie

Cleaning your floors can be a tedious and annoying job, especially when it comes to vacuuming and mopping.

With the increasing popularity of robot vacuums, now is as good a time as ever to make the switch and let a robot do some of your cleaning for you. 

The Shellbot SL60 is a two-in-one robot vacuum and mop that can help you with your day-to-day chores. It has 4,000Pa of suction power with LiDAR navigation and convenient control through a smartphone app. 

The Shellbot SL60 is available on Amazon for $309.99 or on the company’s website. Let’s see what it’s all about. 

The Good

Shellbot sl60 top
Image: KnowTechie

So let’s kick things off with what we like about the Shellbot SL60. There are tons of different robot vacuums available out there today, so it’s good to know exactly what each one is capable of when you’re looking to get one for yourself. 

Starting off, the SL60 features a high-power brushless motor that allows for suction power up to 4,000Pa. That much power can handle even some of the finest particles on your floor. 

It’s fitted with LiDAR navigation and AI recognition to help avoid obstacles while cleaning. It does have drop protection to help stop the device from falling downstairs, but the company recommends you add a physical barrier to ensure the robot vacuum’s safety. 

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It also has an automatic power boost that ramps up the suction to full power to clean carpets. And with a 5,200mAh, it can clean for up to 200 minutes before automatically returning to its docking station to recharge. 

As we mentioned earlier, the SL60 is not only for vacuuming. The device comes with a two-in-one water tank that you can attach in place of the dust tank. Using that option, you can both mop and vacuum at the same time, taking even more stress off of your plate. 

All of that can be controlled through the Shellbot iOS and Android app. When you download the app and connect it to your device, you have full control over the SL60’s functions. You can map your house using the app, set no-go zones, and even schedule cleanings for certain times. 

The Bad

Shellbot sl60 bottom
Image: KnowTechie

Of course, the SL60 is not perfect, and there are certainly a few things that could be improved on the device. Here are a few things that could be improved on the SL60 robot vacuum:

No emptying station: One feature that you find on some robot vacuums that’s not available with the SL60 is an emptying station. Instead, you’ll have to manually empty the dustbin occasionally. 

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The dustbin is kind of small: Along the same lines as the previous complaint, the dustbin on the SL60 is kind of small.

Depending on how much cleaning you’re doing, you may have to manually empty the dustbin pretty often. And the dustbin is even smaller when you’re using the two-in-one vacuum and mop attachment. 

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Won’t replace traditional mopping: While the mopping feature on the SL60 is a nice convenience, it won’t replace traditional mopping.

Sometimes, mopping requires a bit of elbow grease to get those tough stains out of your floor. The SL60 simply doesn’t have the power required to handle the toughest stains.

That being said, the mopping feature on this robot vacuum is super convenient and helps you regularly keep your floors shining without constantly having to mop by hand. 

Those are the only real complaints that I have about the SL60. There are certainly improvements that could be made to the device but, overall, it accomplishes what it set out to do and offers a nice addition to your everyday cleaning repertoire. 

Should you buy the SL60 robot vacuum? 

Shellbot sl60 front
Image: KnowTechie

As I said earlier, there are tons of different robot vacuums on the market today. You can pay anywhere from a couple of hundred bucks to a couple of thousand bucks for a robot vacuum, each with varying levels of performance. 

When it comes to the SL60, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The device has powerful, 4,000Pa suction and an impressive battery for long cleaning sessions. The companion app is convenient and lets you set up a cleaning schedule just how you’d like. 

And that’s not even to mention the two-in-one mopping and vacuuming. If you’re in the market for a robot vacuum and don’t want to break the bank, the SL60 from Shellbot is a good option for you to try.

Just note that you’ll have to clean out that dustbin by hand every once in a while since there’s no automatic emptying tower. 

Again, the Shellbot SL60 is available on the company’s website or on Amazon for $399.99.

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