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The UWANT X100 vacuum cleans dry and wet spills at the same time

For most people, cleaning is a tedious chore we hope to get over as quickly as possible. The UWANT X100 aims to help us with that. 

Image of uwant x1000 wet dry vacuum mop on a hardwood floor
Image: KnowTechie

Cleaning your floors can be such a dull job. Typically, you’d need two or three devices to handle the job throughout your house. But you only need one with the UWANT X100 Cordless all-in-one wet dry vacuum cleaner. 

The UWANT X100 is a battery-operated all-in-one vacuum cleaner. It can handle wet and dry messes across any kind of hard flooring you can imagine. Although, it won’t work with carpet, which could be an issue depending on where you live. 

The vacuum retails for $499, but the early-bird price brings it down to $429. And if you use promo code X100LAUNCH, you’ll save an extra 5 percent. That’s down to $407.55 after all discounts.

Additionally, the company is doing several promotions for its pre-launch, including gifts to the first 150 orders valued at $55.97.

Is the UWANT X100 worth buying? Let’s see what this cordless vacuum cleaner is all about. 

Cleans wet and dry messes with dual roller brushes

Image showcasing x100 dual roller brush system over a hardwood floor
Image: KnowTechie

While the UWANT X100 is a mobile, cordless vacuum, its dual roller brush design is most unique to this vacuum cleaner. It’s fitted with a pair of identical roller brushes, one in the front and one in the back, that help the X100 handle some deep cleaning. 

It features a 600ml water tank to wet the floor and the front brush to help loosen messes. Then, the dry rear roller brush cleans up anything left over. That certainly beats scrubbing those stains with your hands. 

Additionally, those roller brushes are outfitted with forward, and backward power assist. So you can either push or pull the X100 easily with a little help from the roller brushes. 

And speaking of ease, the X100 uses only one button for operation. Press the power button with your thumb, tilt the vacuum slightly, and you’re ready to start cleaning.

Image showcasing x100 dual roller brush system over a hardwood floor
Image: KnowTechie

When you change the vacuum to smart mode, it activates a built-infrared sensor that detects the degree of the mess in front of it.

The UWANT X100 Cordless all-in-one wet dry vacuum cleaner will produce more water and increase the suction for heavier stains, while smaller stains won’t use as much power. 

Another great feature is its intelligent dirt sensing feature. The vacuum is equipped with intelligent infrared sensors that detect the dirt levels in real-time and automatically adjust the water volume and suction for the best clean.

Self-cleaning on the charging dock

Hand taking out water container from uwant vacuum
Image: KnowTechie

What’s even worse than having to clean your floors, you ask? Having to clean the devices that you used to clean the floors. But the UWANT X100 handles all of that for you. 

Once you place the UWANT X100 up on its charging dock, you can press a button on the handle to make it clean itself. It automatically cleans off the roller brushes using the 600ml water tank.

Hair can be one of the most dangerous messes to suck up in your vacuum cleaner. It can get tangled up and cause tons of strain on the motor.

So UWANT decided to add its own patented hair-cutting accessory to the X100’s cleaning function. The vacuum has a tiny blade attached near the roller brushes that automatically slices through the hair to try and avoid those problems. 

Image of a vacuum from uwant standing on hardwood floor
Image: KnowTechie

Of course, you have to be at at least 20 percent battery to perform the automatic cleaning. But that likely won’t be too much of a problem, considering the X100’s battery life. 

It’s outfitted with eight 21700 lithium-ion batteries, which are larger and more powerful than the 18650s found in most cordless vacuums. 

It’s rated for up to 44 minutes of cleaning, which is more than most of us want to do at a time anyway. And it charges back up to full in around three hours, in case you want to get cleaning again that early. 

Check out the UWANT X100’s early-bird specials

Image of a uwant x100 vacuum and its led display
Image: KnowTechie

For most people, cleaning is a tedious chore we hope to get over as quickly as possible. The UWANT X100 aims to help us with that. 

It’s conveniently battery-powered and can handle wet or dry stains on multiple surfaces. As long as you don’t have a lot of carpet in your house, the X100 could make your floor scrubbing a thing of the past. 

Right now, the company is running several promotions for preorders. For example, a raffle for people who follow its Facebook page. Check out the company’s promotion page here for details.

UWANT X100 preorders are open now and are expected to ship on August 25 in the US. The retail price is $499, but preorders get a special price of $429. Check out the company’s FAQ page for more information. 

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