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There’s now an Android app that can test if your phone is waterproof or not

The nifty app, appropriately called Water Resistance Tester, uses the phone’s internal barometer.

samsung galaxy s21 waterproof
Image: KnowTechie

Ever wondered if your Android phone was actually waterproof, without having to risk dunking your expensive device? Well, now there’s an app to test; while keeping your phone dry.

The nifty app, appropriately called Water Resistance Tester, was created by u/rayw_reddit, and it uses the phone’s internal barometer to test if the device is IP67/68 waterproofed. Pretty neat, right? It’s even confirmed as the same method that actual Samsung technicians use when performing services to check that the waterproofing was put back where it should be.

Now you can make sure that the phone you got back after the repair shop had it, to ensure they put everything back correctly to preserve the waterproofing. The same goes for that used phone you bought on eBay, or literally any Android phone to keep the manufacturers honest in their marketing efforts.

The creator has some handy hints on usage, like running the app before sending your phone in for repair, and then again when it returns to you. That way, any discrepancy will show if the water seals were put back correctly or not. If not, you’ve got data to show the repair shop while you try to get it rectified.

If you’ve got an Android phone and want to know if the waterproofing works on your phone, head on over to Google Play to download the app.

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