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With ThinkGeek shutting down, everything is 50% off – here are some random items you don’t need

Okay, technically it’s not quite closing as its items will still be on sale at GameStop.

thinkgeek store front
Image: TechSpot

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The end of an era. ThinkGeek is closing its online store and moving to a section on GameStop’s website. Don’t be too sad though, the 40 or so physical locations will still be open, and it’s not like it’s going away completely.

Before the ThinkGeek URL gets turned off, it’s running a 50-percent off sale on everything on the site. Using code MOVINGDAY will halve the total cost of whatever you can load your shopping cart with. Just hurry. You’ve only got until July 2 before the sale (and the website) goes away.

Oh, and an FYI: anything you buy between now and then is final – no returns. Better make sure you really want Darth Vader’s head on your toast before you order this toaster.

All the geek you can handle – half off!

Pokémon Poké Ball Waffle Maker ($34.99 original price)

Image: ThinkGeek

Gotta catch ’em all! No self-respecting Pokémon trainer would go into battle without a large stack of Poké Balls (or breakfast), so serve up a plate of delicious waffles. Guaranteed to protect you from Pikachu’s electric attacks (or at least not shock you while making food). Add syrup to the final form of these waffles for a tasty treat.

Zombie Head Cookie Jar ($15.97 original price)

Image: ThinkGeek

Store your snacks for less than $8 with this severed zombie head. Nothing’s sweeter than brains, except maybe cookies stored where a brain should be. Just remember to put MOVINGDAY in as the code while checking out for half-off the advertised price.

Dragon Ball Z 7pc Dragon Ball Set ($69.99 original price)

dragon ball held in hand

Image: ThinkGeek

Save yourself the trouble of risking your life by buying this set of Dragonballs instead of questing for them. I mean, nobody else needs to know that you wimped out. $35 is a pretty darn good price for a set of 7 replica Dragonballs (wishes not included).

Nintendo Pipe Mug ($14.99 original price)

Image: ThinkGeek

This mug is probably the quickest way to warp caffeine into your body that doesn’t involve the Starship Enterprise. Heck, at $7.50 each, grab two.

If none of these get your spidey senses tingling, check out the rest of ThinkGeek’s selection. Just like Sonic, gotta move fast, as the sale (and the website) disappears on July 2. Also remember, you’ll need to add code MOVINGDAY when checking out, which gives you half-off the total price.

Surprised that ThinkGeek is shutting down? Plan on getting anything for a discounted price? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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