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BMW made a car that can change its color at the press of a button

The all-electric vehicle is skinned in e-ink, just like a Kindle.

bmw ix-flow color-changing concept car
Image: BMW

CES is all about wacky concepts and pushing the idea of what tech can do. BMW decided to have some fun with their latest concept car, the all-electric BMW iX Flow. Their engineers skinned the vehicle in e-ink, which allows the car to change between white and black at the tap of a button.

Yes, e-ink, the same stuff that powers your Kindle. BMW custom-clad their latest electric vehicle in the stuff. Remember those ’90s color-shift Hot Wheels cars that changed color in different temperatures of water (until you forgot, left one in the sun, and it was irrevocably changed forever)? Well, now you can do that for your car.


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BMW decided to only use monochrome e-ink on this concept car. That enables a color change from black to white and back or some decorations like adding a racing stripe. Check it out in action in the video below, because seeing is really believing in this case.

The fun doesn’t stop on the outside, with BMW transforming the interior of the concept car as well. A 31-inch television hangs from the roof so the passengers in the back seats don’t get bored.

The dashboard is covered in screens as well, including ones that show what’s behind the car, in place of a rear-view mirror.

bmw digital art mode in action
Image: BMW

BMW even added a Digital Art Mode, which lights up the interior of your car with a psychedelic light show. Is it useful? Probably not but it’s pretty darn cool.

The Digital Art Mode will be coming to select vehicles in 2022, so at least this part isn’t just a concept dream.

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