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This Halo Infinite god won 100 free-for-all matches in a row

I’m lucky to get one win, but Mint Blitz had little trouble winning 100 in a row.

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Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer has only been out for a little over a month at this point, but there are some people who have already cracked the code and become experts at the game.

One YouTuber just succeeded on a mission to win 100 free-for-all games in a row, proving that some gamers really are just built differently.

YouTuber Mint Blitz recently uploaded a video of their impressive feat. The video includes clips of Mint Blitz’s insane gameplay that led them to this incredible milestone.

The video was full of mind-blowing action, like triple kills, killtaculars, and ridiculous grenade plays. Interestingly enough, you can see that Mint Blitz utilizes a lot of Halo Infinite’s utility items, like the grappling hook and repulsor, to gain an advantage over opponents.

And Mint Blitz’s gunplay is pretty impressive to see as well. There are loads of clips featuring multi-kills with the shock rifle and skewer.

Surprisingly, you don’t see a lot of sniper rifle action in Mint Blitz’s journey to 100 wins in a row. Blitz actually addressed this, saying that the famous Halo sniper rifle doesn’t really show up a lot in free-for-all matches. That forced them to switch up strategies and utilize the other weapons and items that Halo Infinite has to offer.

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My favorite part is when he baits the enemies using gunshots then boops them off of the map with the repulsor. As someone who consistently finishes around third to sixth place in free-for-all Halo Infinite matches, this is an incredible feat overall.

The amount of skill necessary to pull something like this off combined with the map knowledge and awareness that Mint Blitz possesses is simply amazing. I’ll be keeping my eye on Mint Blitz to see what kind of epic Halo Infinite content they can deliver in the future.

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