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Steam set a new user record during the holiday weekend

Nearly 28 million users were logged into Steam at the same time last weekend.

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The holidays always bring an influx of gamers to various platforms like Steam. The popular PC gaming platform did pretty well for itself during the holidays this year, reaching a new peak of almost 28 million gamers logged in at the same time.

Thanks to a Reddit post from user Turbostrider27, we can see the record number of gamers that logged in to Steam earlier this week. On Sunday, January 2, the platform recorded its highest number of concurrent users at 27,942,036. The peak happened at around 10 AM eastern time.

Of course, this peak only refers to the number of people who were logged into the platform at the time. It doesn’t mean that there were nearly 28 million people playing games on Steam at the time.

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Image: KnowTechie

The number of people that were actually playing games at the time is actually much lower at around 8.2 million. But that is still the highest amount of active players that Steam has seen in its history, eclipsing the 8.1 million concurrent gamers mark that happened in March of 2020 at the onset of the COVID pandemic.

Steam’s popularity in terms of numbers seems to fluctuate pretty regularly, with peak numbers always happening around the same time. At 10 AM eastern time today, there were more than 27 million people logged in to the platform, but not quite the amount that was logged on during the record-breaking time on Sunday.

The holiday weekend definitely seemed to encourage more gamers to log into the platform. With a lot of the world celebrating the new year, Sunday offered a great day for relaxing before gamers had to head back to work or school.

I imagine this record will probably hold on for a while, at least until another major, worldwide holiday weekend gives more gamers a chance to log in at the same time.

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