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Tile is introducing a new tracker that makes finding lost items easier than ever

Tile hopes to take item tracking to the next level.

tile bluetooth tracking device in wallet
Image: Tile

The first brand to bring a tracker using ultra-wideband (UWB) tech might end up being Tile. The company is bringing its tracking know-how to UWB devices, which will enable things like an Augmented Reality view in the app to locate the missing items faster.

Chips that enable ultra-wideband were first put into phones in the iPhone 11 range, and Apple has kept the chip in the iPhone 12 range as well. Some Samsung smartphones also have it on board, but both companies have only started to use the short-range communication protocol for small features.

UWB is a high-frequency, low-range wireless protocol that, among other things, can enable the capture of spatial and directional data. Perfect for tracking your missing keys, or back-tracking if you have your keys but have lost your phone.

Last year, Apple opened up access to its U1 chip, which enables UWB on the iPhone. It makes the iPhone spatially aware, both of its own place in space, and that of any other UWB devices. For example, the new point-to-send improvement to AirDrop is one of the things the U1 chip enables.

The competition for UWB trackers will be hard-fought. Apple is working on its own AirTags, while Samsung has the Galaxy SmartTag in certification right now with the NCC. Tile does have the advantage of being the market leader for lost-item trackers, but it hasn’t had to compete against such huge names as of yet.

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