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Elon Musk backtracks on Twitter/X URL headline feature

Ultimately, headlines are making a comeback on Twitter/X, likely due to popular demand.

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In a surprising turn of events, Elon Musk announced that headlines will be making a comeback to Twitter/X URL previews – a decision that marks a significant change from the company’s earlier stance. 

Musk’s decision to remove headlines from Twitter/X was widely criticized. Users even argued that the lack of context made it almost impossible to understand the content of the linked articles.

Sharing the link on Twitter/X was helpful in the past, especially for those who wanted to access the platform and consume the latest news.

However, that convenience was removed, from web and iOS. The feature was never removed from the Twitter/X Android app. In a twist of fate, Elon Musk has announced the feature is returning to the platform. 


The essential Twitter/X feature is making a comeback

Hours before the announcement, Musk shared an article from Reuters, which seemed a bit unusual but now falls in line with the announcement. 

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While we are unsure what made Musk go against his stance, perhaps it was the user backlash that made him change his mind. Whatever the reason, we are pleased with the announcement.  

The old-new feature is expected to roll out in the upcoming Twitter/X update. However, it will overlay the headline of a linked article in a semi-transparent manner over the article’s image. 

It seems like a fine compromise. It keeps the balance between the user need for context and Musk’s need for a cleaner Twitter aesthetic, which may or may not be often misplaced.

However, Musk’s initial justification for removing the headlines was about the aesthetics. He removed the feature in the name of visual appeal, but users strongly campaigned against it. 

And as a result, things are about to change. The return of this fan-favorite feature will be a welcome change for some users. 

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