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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey wants you to be able to pick out the algorithms that serve you ads

Is “no ads” an option?

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In a recent call with Twitter’s investors, the CEO of the company, Jack Dorsey, spoke about his vision of a decentralized network. Called Bluesky, the project started in 2019, and it aims at giving users the chance to choose their algorithm. That way, the user is in control of what is presented on their timeline.

Hypothetically speaking, if Bluesky becomes a reality then more than 320 million active Twitter users would be able to choose an algorithm that matches their preferences. According to Dorsey’s vision, in the future, this can be achieved in several ways. 

One way is to create an app store from where users can access algorithms that they like. Dorsey thinks that Twitter can create its ranking algorithms or be part of a greater effort supported by a larger front of tech companies. 

Simultaneously, Dorsey views decentralization as a solution to some other problems related to Section 230. For Twitter and other social media, Section 230 is one of the most significant pieces of legislation as it gives them legal protection from user-created content.

During Trump’s presidency, some legislators wanted to amend Section 230. Twitter believes that a decentralized network can be the way to avoid stricter constraints. 

The project has been active for more than a year. However, according to several sources, Bluesky is still deep in the research phase. That means there is nothing tangible, and no milestones are set either. Furthermore, the company is still on the hunt to find the best possible candidate for a project manager position. Again, there is not much information about what type of candidates they are searching for and if there any timelines attached to it.

It also seems that there is no clear strategy about what the Bluesky team should be doing. Twitter said that it is up to the Bluesky team to decide whether they will build a new one from scratch or work with an existing decentralized system. 

The promise of a decentralized system is not entirely new. There are already several social networks based on a decentralized system. Some of the most prominent ones include Mastodon, Manyverse, Sola, Minds, and Diaspora.

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