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Uber is axing its ‘split fare” feature, for now

Uber says it could be bringing it back at a later date.

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Uber is putting an end to split fares, according to an email that the company recently blasted out to customers this past week. 

Per the email, the company says it’s discontinuing its ‘split fare’ feature. The feature allowed riders to split the bill of an Uber ride with whoever they were riding with. 

First reported by Mashable, the publication confirmed that the feature is temporarily discontinued, possibly to return at a later date. Here’s the email Uber sent out to its customers:

uber split fare email being discontinued
Image: KnowTechie via Mashable

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“We are sorry to let you know that from March 21st, we are discontinuing the ‘Split fare” feature, which allows you to share the price of a trip with others,” reads Uber’s email.

“While we know it can be frustrating to lose a feature that you have come to rely on, rest assured that we are continuously working to improve your Ride sharing experience in other new ways, so watch this space. All other features will still continue to be a part of your usual Uber experience, and we hope to see you on the road with your family and friends again soon.

Uber’s email wasn’t exactly accurate

Consequently, Uber admits to Mashable it messed up sending this email out. The company says it’s not actually discontinuing the feature but rather putting it on hold and bringing it back later.

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“We are in the process of reworking how riders split fares and the feature will be temporarily removed from the Uber app next month,” an Uber spokesperson notes. “We know this is a popular feature, so rest assured that we are planning to roll out a new, improved version in the coming months.”

I have never used Uber’s ‘Split fare’ feature, but I know many people who do. So taking this away from riders seems like a dumb move. But, if the company brings it back as promised, then all is forgiven.

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