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Uber rides in New York City are the most expensive in America

On the flip side, Texas is home to the cheapest rides in America.

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A Uber ride in New York City is unlike any other in all of the 50 states of America for one reason; price.

New York City is famous for a lot of things such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the iconic Times Square, among others.

Now you can add to that, as NYC is the most expensive city for a Uber ride in America. This information was revealed in a new study by NetCredit.

If you live in or around the five boroughs, especially in Manhattan, Uber prices may shock you. Now we know why, and why it may soon list taxi cabs in NYC.

What do Americans pay on average for a Uber ride?

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The study shows that a typical 6.2-mile Uber ride in New York City costs as much as $34.74. This makes NYC the most expensive city to ride a Uber in America. During the recent Brooklyn shooting, prices went up as high as $41.17.

We dug deeper into the study to find out what other Americans in other states pay for a Uber ride. Using the same 6.2-mile-ride average, here’s what we found out.

A Uber ride in Nashville will set you back by $34.63, making the home of country music second in America to the Big Apple.

Denver comes in third at $33.91. Seattle and Baltimore are fourth and fifth with a Uber ride costing $32.63 and $27.27 respectively.

Cheapest cities to get a Uber ride in America

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On the other end of the spectrum, El Paso in Texas is the cheapest city to grab a Uber ride in the US. A 6.2-mile ride will cost you only $12.56.

The second cheapest city for a Uber ride in the US is Detroit in Michigan. It will cost you $12.60 for the same length of ride.

Fort Worth, also in Texas, comes in third at $13.00 a ride. San Antonio and Houston, both in Texas, are the fourth and fifth cheapest at 13.45 and 13.52 respectively.

This makes Texas the cheapest state to get a Uber ride in America.

Worldwide Uber rates compared

Bern in Switzerland is the most expensive city in the world to get a Uber ride. It’ll burn a $42.80 hole in your pocket.

On the flip side, you can get a 6.2-mile Uber ride in Pakistan for as little as $1.39, and no, that’s not a typo.

In Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, the same ride will cost you just $2.45. Worldwide, a Uber ride in New York City is the second most expensive.

Uber blames rising gas prices and driver shortage for the cost of rides in New York City. Minimum wage for drivers and a surcharge policy are also likely to blame.

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