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Unlimited Gamez Mo – What can gamers expect from it?

A mobile gaming subscription service.

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Just like the increase in subscription-based TV services, the past few years have seen a significant surge in the amount of subscription-based gaming services. EA and Sony provide dedicated online services where users can play their favorite games for a fixed amount of fee. A similar gaming service provider is the Unlimited Gamez, which is also the subject of this post.

In this blog post, we will discuss Unlimited Gamez Mo in detail, the subscription options, and what is in the vault for gamers. But before we get to the crux of things, it might serve us well to take a look at the service in general.

What is Unlimited Gamez Mo?

Unlimited Gamez Mo is a gaming service that provides a variety of games to mobile phone users throughout the world.

It lets you play numerous games on your smartphone in exchange for a small subscription fee. The subscription includes unlimited access to a multitude of games with no in-app purchases.

Subscription charges for offers several subscription methods to the customers. You can purchase a subscription either directly from Unlimited Gamez Mo, or through one of the App Stores, or your MSP. To subscribe to the service directly, you need to visit Unlimited Gamez website on your browser and tap the ‘subscription’ button in the menu that appears.

The subscription fee for defers for different regions and the mobile carrier. For instance, Australian customers of Optus and Telstra can enjoy unlimited access to more than 150 games for a subscription fee of 3.99 AUD per week.

Once subscribed, users will be charged the amount every week until they unsubscribe from the service. In addition, the data charges are billed separately by the mobile operators.

What do you get from Unlimited Gamez subscription?

There is a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription for almost every product these days. But these subscriptions do not really save you money unless you use them. Some of the benefits that subscription to Unlimited Gamez entail are:

  • Unlimited Game Access: The obvious benefit of the subscription is perfectly reflected by the very name of the game: Unlimited Gamez Mo. It allows you to play limitless games at a minimal fee, anytime and anywhere.
  • Ad-Free experience: Ads can deteriorate our gaming experience. Luckily, Unlimited Gamez provides an ad-free experience so you can immerse and enjoy the games.
  • No hidden charges: With Unlimited Gamez Mo, you can be certain that after the initial subscription, there are no hidden fees that can leave you out of pocket.
  • No in-app purchases: You get unlimited access to all the games once you subscribe to the service. Subscribers also won’t be deprived of any money if a new game is added to the library.

Some challenges

Despite the many benefits, Unlimitedgamez Mo does look weaker in a few situations. Users who don’t have enough time to game may fail to take advantage of the extensive library the service offers. If you are a gamer who stick to a single game for weeks and months, then you might be better off buying that game instead of subscribing to a huge catalog of games.

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Since there is not enough clarity on the costs for plans, users in different locations may find it hard to decide which subscription plan may work best for them. Therefore, it might serve well if they come up with similar subscription charges for all locations and mobile carriers.

Unlimited Gamez Mo: What is in the vault for gamers?

With unlimited access to a gaming library spanning over hundreds of games, the service offers something to most of our taste. From action and shooting to sports and education, Unlimitedgamez boasts an extensive list of games from numerous categories. Additionally, new games are added every now and then.

To get the most value of the gaming service, you need to make sure you are a regular gamer who play more than one game during a week. Otherwise, you might find it financially profitable to buy a single game as opposed to paying a fixed fee every week for hundreds of games that you won’t play.

Finally, is it worth it?

If you are uncertain whether or not the service is right for you, you can always take a look at their gaming library and decide for yourself. But for most people, the service provides a real deal, given the extensive list of games and the minimal subscription charges.

What do you think? Is this a service you’re interested in? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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