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You can finally use Apple Maps to report speed traps and accidents

The feature is rolling out with iOS 14.5.

apple maps accident reporting
Image: KnowTechie

Apple Maps is getting one of the best features from the competition, the ability to report accidents, hazards, and other things that will impact navigation decisions by other users. You’ll need iOS 14.5 to use the new feature, so update your devices if you haven’t done so already.

Being able to report things like speed traps, accidents, and other hazards, has long been the province of the popular navigation app, Waze. So much so, that Google paid out nearly a billion dollars in 2013 to acquire the app, and has been slowly adding its features into Google Maps since then.

Now Apple Maps is getting the same feature set, finally turning it into a standalone, fully-featured navigation app. I mean, what’s the point of Apple spending all of that cash re-mapping cities if you don’t know if specific roads are congested due to an accident instead of just from normal rush hour traffic?

When you start navigation in the updated Apple Maps, Siri will let you know that you can report accidents or hazards you see on your journey. A “Report” button will appear on your screen if you swipe up to see additional controls, but you really should use “Hey Siri, there’s an accident” instead, to automatically file a report in Apple Maps without taking your hands off the wheel.

The feature also works in CarPlay mode, showing up in the usual navigation menu. You can only report accidents, speed traps, or hazards at this time, but maybe you’ll be able to report more things like congested traffic as Apple adds more functionality.

At this time, it appears that traffic reporting is limited to US-based users of Apple Maps, with no indications from Apple as to when it will be available internationally.

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