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You can now pay for your gas with Alexa at Exxon and Mobil pumps

“Alexa, pay for gas”

gas station with alexa
Image: Unsplash

Amazon is combining its Amazon Pay and Alexa apps to let you pay for your gas with just your voice. Just drive up to the pump, ask Alexa to “pay for gas”, and follow a few simple commands to activate your pump and fill up. Sure, she won’t pump the gas for you (although that’s probably coming), but you won’t have to touch that nasty keypad, which is just as well appreciated while the pandemic rages.

The contactless payment option is rolling out to some 11,500 Mobil and Exxon stations across the country, so it’s a fair bet that you’ll be able to use Alexa to pay when you pull up to the pump.

You’ll be asked which station you are at, and which pump you’re parked in front of. Then Alexa will handle the payment through Amazon Pay. No more fumbling with credit cards, no more touching disgustingly dirty keypads, no more worrying about your card being skimmed. Magical.

Here’s a quick peep of what it looks like in action


Sure, there are some privacy worries here, as we’ve seen all the voice assistants have issues with data protection. Then again, “Alexa, pay for gas” uses your default Amazon payment method, which you’re used to using for everything you order on Amazon’s site.

Another bonus? Gas purchases made with Alexa will show up in your Amazon orders history, perfect for reimbursement records if you’re using a company car.

Do you find this useful? Do you ever see yourself paying for gas with Alexa? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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