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You can now share your Apple Card with your family

Until now, Apple Card was strictly a one-user credit card, without any way to add another user.

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Apple announced a bunch of hardware yesterday at its Apple Event, from iMacs to iPads to a purple iPhone, but let’s not forget about its services. Now users of the Apple Card can include the whole family, with two co-owners and the ability to share the Apple Card with their kids.

Until now, Apple Card was strictly a one-user credit card, without any way to add another user. When Apple Card Family launches in the US in May, users will be able to add a trusted co-owner, whether that’s their spouse, partner, or a close friend.

That will let them both share in building good credit, but that’s not all. Apple Card Family also lets you add children over the age of 13 to teach the next generation good financial literacy while building their credit for the future.

With literally everything in the US hinging on credit scores, being able to teach your kids about credit with all of the tools that Apple Card has for showing spending habits is a game-changer. Sure, you could do this with any card that lets you add under-18’s to it, but the spending analyzers for many cards are lacking. It’s also so much easier to do things like assign spending limits, and you can see literally everything that goes on instantly.

Let’s not forget that this brings huge benefits to Apple as well. The potential userbase for Apple Card is now doubled at a minimum, possibly quadrupled if the average family has two kids.

That means more fees to collect, but it also means more Apple devices needed to access Apple Card Family. With CEO Tim Cook calling the single-user Apple Card “the most successful credit card launch ever,” Apple is in for a huge windfall.

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