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You’ve survived 2020, now survive the 2020 game

A short trip down memory lane.

2020 game title page
Image: 2020 Game

If you wanted to relive the events of last year without therapy, maybe a retro, pixel-art side-scrolling game is the best way to do it. I mean, who can be mad at pixels, right? 2020 Game lets you run and jump your way through the major events of last year, so you can face that trauma with a dash of humor.

Starting with the widespread Australian bushfires, the game walks you into the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, forces you to stock up on essentials at the supermarket (although it had far too many rolls of toilet paper to be realistic), and sends you through the rest of the year’s craziness.

Check it out below.

Video: 2020 Game

The game cutely uses humor to gloss over some of the nastiness, like using disposable face masks as a one-time shield against the floating coronavirus obstacles, or the alternative use for books during quarantine… Don’t get COVID-19 from the 5G antenna (totally not a real thing, just in case you were worried), and survive the second wave of coronavirus to finally get the vaccine. Oh, and there’s a footrace between the Presidential candidates, with a clear winner.

No, we won’t tell you what the game thinks is coming in 2021. You’ll have to go play through it yourself and hopefully, you’ll get the same chuckle we did.

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