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5 of the best accessories to upgrade your mobile phone

From mobile phone cases to screen protectors, here are some useful accessories that you could use for your mobile.

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In today’s society, the majority of the worldwide population owns a mobile phone or smartphone. Some people might stick with the same make and model of mobile for years, whereas some people may constantly upgrade their phone to upgrade to a faster, better, and more efficient device. Since the first iPhone device was released, Apple has been releasing a model almost every year. There are even some leaks and rumors about the possible features and release date for an upcoming iPhone 12.

No matter which type of mobile device you own, there are many cool accessories that you can purchase to upgrade your phone, protect it, and make it work more efficiently for you. From mobile phone cases to screen protectors, here are some useful accessories that you could use for your mobile.

Mobile phone cases

Most people will want to have a case or some sort of cover on their mobile phone, and cases can serve a number of purposes. They firstly, and most importantly, protect your phone. Do you know what the chances are of you dropping your mobile phone at least once a month? In this new What Are The Chances? quiz, data shows that 90% of people will drop their phones at least once a month. Therefore, it’s important for you to protect your phone where you can, especially as mobile phones are getting more expensive to buy and to fix.

Getting a decent case will help to protect the screen and avoid your phone getting broken. Secondly, they make the phone look good too. There are so many cases that you can buy, and they are all different colors and patterns. You can even put your own photos on them, making them the ideal accessory to personalize your phone to your own tastes. Some cases also feature slots in them that allow you to carry your credit cards, or some cash, with your phone, meaning you won’t need to also take your purse or wallet out with you.

Portable power banks

One of the most common iPhone problems is that some might not hold their charge as well as they used to. Trying a different charger could help if your usual USB cable is no longer working. But if you are out and about and your phone is running out of battery life, then a portable charger is a popular phone accessory that you can use.

As many of us rely on our phones so much these days, a flat battery could spell disaster, especially if you need to make an important call. A power bank/portable charger is a useful compact source of power that you can plug into your phone, at any time and in any place, to give your battery a boost. It is literally a lifesaver, and should be carried around at all times, but do remember to keep the power bank charged up too!


You may have never heard of a pop socket before, but it’s likely that you will know what they are. Whether you own a Samsung, an iPhone, or any make of phone for that matter, Popsockets can be added to the back of your phone. They are useful accessories that can help you hold onto your phone more easily and avoid you dropping it or it slipping out of your hands.

You can buy them in all different colors and designs, and you can mix and match them with your phone case or the color of your device. They are useful for taking selfies and can also be used for propping the phone up on a table or desk. Another use has emerged, as people are starting to wrap their headphones around them too. It’s therefore clear to see why Popsockets are so popular as they are a simple gadget with lots of helpful uses.

Ring lights for your mobile

If you’re a fan of uploading to Instagram, then both of these gadgets will help to improve the quality of your photos, videos, and selfies. While ring lights are usually used for cameras, you can also buy ones for your mobile too.

Ring lights can give you better lighting for your photos and videos in an instant and your shots will have much better results. If you want to create high-quality content on social media, then better lighting can help you achieve better results for makeup tutorials, food photography, live streaming, and taking selfies.

Screen protectors

As we start to spend more and more time on our mobiles, our device screens can take a lot of impact. According to eMarketer, the average time spent on mobile devices every day in the US has steadily increased over the years, from 2hrs 32mins in 2014 to a predicted 3hrs 54mins in 2021. It can, therefore, be useful to protect your phone, especially if you do happen to use it a lot.

As many new phone models now have bigger screens, they can also be more susceptible to damage if you’re not careful. Screen protectors that are either plastic or glass fit over the screen on your smartphone to protect it from dust, scratches, cracks, and other damage. While a phone case will help to minimize any damage, a screen protector will help to stop little things, like scratches and chips from occurring.

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