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5 tips to avoid getting shadowbanned on Instagram

Don’t let a Instagram shadowban ruin your day. Follow these 5 tips to avoid getting shadowbanned and keep your account in good standing

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Nobody wants to be left out of the Instagram fun, whether you’re an influencer, organization, or any account in between.

Gaining followers and increasing engagement after a well-edited post or strategic campaign is chef’s kiss-level satisfying.

But what happens if you get shadowbanned? It’s not a total ban, but it’s tragic.

This post will cover what a shadowban means and how to avoid one. Ready to jump in?

What does it mean to get shadowbanned on Instagram?

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Credit: Unsplash/Alexander Shatov

Your Instagram usage may not be bad enough to receive the permanent ban hammer from Meta, so a shadowban is the soft version.

Users can still operate accounts, but your posts have drastically reduced visibility. The algorithm sees shadowbanned accounts and gives them less priority in feeds. 

All your efforts to build an organic cult following or execute an expensive marketing strategy could be all for nothing, so ensure you aren’t already shadowbanned by checking your analytics.

If you’re in the clear, take note of these essential tips so you stay favored by Instagram’s algorithm.

Stop trying to make those hashtags happen

Anti-vax hashtags on instagram
Screenshot: Instagram

Banned hashtags exist. Type them into Instagram’s search before committing them to a comment when doing keyword research.

If you don’t see any posts for that hashtag, there’s probably a reason — don’t think you’re setting the trend by being first. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Another hashtag tip — it’s not ideal to be irrelevant, either.

To expand audiences, some users put popular hashtags in their descriptions that don’t apply to the post to get new eyes on the account.

If Instagram catches you trying to be sneaky this way, that’s a red flag for them to shadowban you.

Read the terms and conditions

The community guidelines are the bread and butter of Instagram life.

Any violation could get you instantly shadowbanned, so if you’re concerned you are or will accidentally break the rules, familiarize yourself with them instead. 

They cover everything from how to foster a fanbase of real people — not bots — and post content that makes viewers happy.

The platform strives to be positive and inclusive, and content that acts as a barrier to that goal will be punished. 

Give credit where credit is due

Many creative, innovative, and hard-working people share content on Instagram.

In a world where giving credit is celebrated, it doesn’t benefit anyone to plagiarize or steal writing or art for a few followers or increased engagement. 

The internet effectively scouts for copied content, and users can also submit reports if they see their posts on an account that isn’t theirs.

Repeated reports are a sign your content shouldn’t be in other feeds.

Original information is where it’s at, and it’s more interactive for the account and its followers because it sparks genuine conversations.

Don’t automate your way to the top 

Buy instagram likes

Marketers and internet-savvy people have tried to optimize Instagram since it was born.

You can buy followers, incorporate third-party apps to automate an activity, and join number-hungry engagement pods to create an infinite feedback loop of engagement. 

Spoiler alert — all these strategies can get you shadowbanned.

Anything that signals to the app you’re acting like a bot or a part of groups that exploit users will result in repercussions.

Leave engagement pods, minimize third-party app access, and unfollow and block bots following and interacting with your content.

You don’t want to associate with them, and neither does Instagram.

Remember that content is Instagram royalty

Instagram post showing knowtechie profile
Image: KnowTechie

Honestly, the most significant way to stay on Instagram’s good side is to make quality content.

There’s no reason to get followers or be on the platform if nobody cares about your feed.

Posting unique, informative content will keep people interested, regardless of what product you’re promoting. 

There are many avenues to express creative visions, especially since Instagram has expanded its features to include videos, reels, and highlights.

There’s probably still more in the works with future app updates.

Stay out of Instagram’s shadow

Instagram social media logo and blurred background
Image: KnowTechie

For most, avoiding a shadowban won’t require extra effort.

However, you might run into some issues if you’re trying to ramp up engagement fast or make it to the top of every hashtag in a split second.

The magic behind social media platforms is data, and that data can recognize suspicious activity like no other.

Engage authentically and creatively. You’ll be fine if you take time to socialize and express yourself on the platform as it was intended.

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