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How to add a signature in Gmail

Save yourself from writing down your address every single day.

Are you starting a new job and it is a requirement to have an email signature? Are you tired of writing out your address four times a day to people in your address book? The option to add a signature in Gmail is essential, and also easy. It is a useful safety net in case you forgot to add your contact number or any other vital information to an email. You have to set it once, and then update as your information changes.

These steps will only take a few seconds if you know where to look, and we are going to point them out to you to save time. We all know money is time and time is money!

  1. Log into your Gmail account that you want to add a signature to, and click on the gear icon at the top right. From there select the Settings option.
  2. You will open the general tab, and from there scroll down until you see the Signature option. From here, you can type in your desired text for your signature. You can also add pictures and hyperlinks! Make sure your message is clear, short, and to the point.
  3. Once you finish, select Save Changes. Done!

If you are on mobile, don’t worry. We have you covered there as well.

  1. Open the Gmail or Inbox app on your device.
  2. Tap the “hamburger icon” or menu, on the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to Settings and tap to proceed.
  4. Tap on your account email to access your general settings.
  5. In the general section, you will be able to find Signature settings. Tap on it.
  6. Type or insert what you want, and then tap Save Changes.

Try having some fun with your email signature. When people read your emails, especially for business-related work, your signature can say alot about you. Did you know you can enter in pictures that act as hyperlinks? Make your signature your own. Have fun with it. Just be sure not to delete your Gmail account while you’re messing around with the settings.


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