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Anyone living in the U.S with an iPhone can now sign up for the new Apple Card

Apple Card, a new kind of credit card created by Apple and designed to help customers lead a healthier financial life, is available in the US starting today.

apple card on iphone
Image: Apple

Apple just made it official. The company’s new credit card, the Apple Card, is now available to anyone who owns an iPhone living in the United States.

It is exclusively for iPhone users, and it will live in their Apple Wallet. You’ll be able to use it anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. In places where Apple Pay is not accepted, however, there will be a physical card available.

With the Apple Card, Apple promises that there are zero fees. This includes late fees, annual fees, or going over your spending limit. Sure, this sounds ideal, but let’s see how long this lasts. It’s only a matter of time until people flat out stop paying their credit card bills.

Along with this announcement, Apple said that it’s offering Apple Card users an extended 3% Daily Cash offer to Uber and Uber Eats customers. Meaning, Apple Card customers must use Apple Pay with Uber and Uber Eats to get the 3% reward.

Daily Cash is how Apple will reward customers for using the card. Many companies offer points and cashback, but Apple is doing it a bit differently, and on the surface, it seems pretty great. Unlike many services that make your rewards confusing on purpose, the Apple Card will reward users with cashback daily (hence the name). For physical card purchases, users will get 1%, for any digital purchase users get 2%, and for direct purchases from Apple, users can expect 3% cashback.

To apply for the all-new credit card from Apple, all users have to do is open the Wallet app on an iPhone and tap the + sign. From here, you’ll see an option for the Apple Card. Tap that and complete the signup process, and you should be good to go. For detailed instructions, Apple has a pretty helpful step-by-step video that should put you on your way.

Plan on signing up for the new credit card? Have any doubts about it? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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