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The iPhone 15 could feature USB-C charging for the first time ever

Apple might finally be abandoning the Lightning port for good.

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The usually accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that next year’s iPhone, the iPhone 15, will replace the Lightning port with USB-C.

That means almost every Apple device would finally be using the same port. MacBooks started transitioning to USB-C back in 2015, with the 12-inch MacBook. The entire MacBook range went USB-C in 2016, although MagSafe did come back last year.

Then it was the iPad’s turn, with the iPad Pro 11- and 12.9-inch versions getting USB-C charging in 2018. The only iPad that still uses the Lightning port these days is the 9th-gen iPad. The Air, Mini, and Pro models all use USB-C.

Now the iPhone looks to be following suit, with Kuo’s latest hardware survey showing that the Lightning port will not be featured on next year’s iPhone. He also speculates that data transfer and charging speeds could increase because of this, but that will come down to iOS support.

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The second tweet in Kuo’s thread mentions USB-C suppliers benefiting for “1-2 years.” That’s vague, but it could mean that Apple is going to drop the port altogether. That might not be an outlandish thought, as we’ve been hearing about a “portless” iPhone for a few years now.

While Apple might be making this change from a supply chain perspective, it’s not the only consideration. The European Union is thinking of legislating a “common charging port” for all device makers.

That port is most likely going to be USB-C, so changing the iPhone’s port could be a way to get ahead of impending legal requirements.

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