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Study shows that iPhone owners really are the worst drivers

Android users beat out their iPhone counterparts in every safe driving category.

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Image: KnowTechie

The rivalry between Android and iPhone users just got more interesting with fans of Android devices securing a big win. A recent study shows that Android users are safe while iPhone drivers tend to be a bit more reckless.

Jerry, a car insurance comparison platform, recently published a study that looked into the safety of various drivers. And in every category that the platform studied, it found that Android users were safer drivers than iPhone users.

The publication established five different categories plus an overall driving score for its study of 20,000 drivers. The categories include distraction, speed, turning, accelerating, and braking.

Android drivers beat out iPhone drivers in every category, ending up with an overall safety score that was 6 points higher than their iPhone user counterparts.

android iphone driving comparison
Image: Jerry

Of course, the study looked at other factors to determine the safest drivers. It found that users who are married, own homes, have advanced college educations, and have higher credit scores tend to be safer drivers.

Essentially, those who are more responsible in other aspects of life tend to be responsible on the road.

But the real revelation here is that iPhone users are a danger to us Android drivers on the road. Researchers at Jerry speculate that the difference in scores has to do with the personality of iPhone users versus Android users.

iPhone users are said to be more emotional and unpredictable, while Android users are typically more honest and less prone to breaking rules.

Whether or not that is actually the case is just speculation at this point. What this study mostly means to me is that there is proof that shows that I’m a better driver than Josiah. I’ve been telling him this for years, and I finally have the evidence to prove it.

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