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Apple saved $6.5B by removing chargers and EarPods from new iPhones

Who knew that cutting out charging bricks and headphones could save the company billions?

iphone and charger on a purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Back in 2020, Apple made the decision to stop including chargers and headphones with the sale of new iPhones. And a new report says that the decision helped the company make an extra $6.5 billion in profit since that time.

According to the Daily Mail, Apple has saved a good deal of money on iPhone sales by abandoning the extra accessories. The publication claims that Apple saves around $35 on each iPhone sale by not including chargers or headphones.

Apple’s initial reasoning for removing the charger and headphones from new iPhone sales was to help the company cut down on waste. The idea is that people who buy a new iPhone likely already have a charger and a pair of headphones that they use.

apple earbuds on a purple background
Image: KnowTechie

But, the effort has inevitably saved the company a lot of money. Because these extra accessories are not included, the boxes that new iPhones come in are also smaller. Yet another area where the company has been able to shave down on costs and increase profits.

Apple’s effort to cut down on waste is certainly noble. But it definitely comes with its benefits for the company as well.

If Apple really wanted to cut down on waste, it would’ve added USB-C charging to the iPhone years ago. Instead, it continues to use its own proprietary charging method.

iphone charger tweet
Image: Twitter / @NotYaFave

Almost every electronic device that needs to be charged except for the iPhone uses USB-C. I, personally, have about 30 or 40 USB-C cords in a drawer thanks to various products I’ve bought over the years. It would seem like Apple could cut down on waste even more by using the standard charging port.

But that would likely cut into profits too much. As we can see, Apple’s decision to remove accessories from new iPhone sales has helped make the company a lot of money. And as one of the biggest companies in the world, profit is Apple’s ultimate goal.

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