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Bryan M. Wolfe

Bryan considers himself a well-rounded techie, having written articles for MakeUseOf, KnowTechie, AppAdvice, iDownload Blog. When he's not writing, he's being a single dad and rooting for his alma mater, Penn State, or cheering on the Patriots.

Stories By Bryan M. Wolfe

  • vaping vaping

    A new study shows daily vaping is tied to increased heart attack risk

    The study comes from the University of California, San Fransisco.

  • jack dorsey twitter jack dorsey twitter

    What’s wrong with Twitter’s self-righteous CEO, Jack Dorsey?

    Yet another billionaire on a self-righteous apology tour no one asked him to start.

  • google fit rings google fit rings

    Google Fit looks a lot like Apple’s Fitness app thanks to the addition of rings

    Google says the rings are informed by health recommendations by the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization.

  • tinder u tinder u

    Unless you’re in college, Tinder U isn’t for you

    There's a new Tinder service rolling out that's only for college students.

  • vive wireless adapter vive wireless adapter

    HTC’s Vive Wireless Adapter is finally coming in September

    You'll finally be able to do some sick cartwheels while wearing the Vive.

  • facebook profiles under a magnifying glass for facial recognition facebook profiles under a magnifying glass for facial recognition

    Facebook is now rating you on your trustworthiness

    Better stop spreading fake news, Chad.

  • huawei dslr nova 3 huawei dslr nova 3

    Huawei tried to pass DSLR images as photos from their new Nova line

    Get it together, Huawei.

  • steam tv dota 2 championship steam tv dota 2 championship

    Steam TV is officially live, but can it compete with the likes of Twitch?

    Will the new service be able to find an audience?

  • apple macbook air 2018 mac mini videos apple macbook air 2018 mac mini videos

    Apple is expected to launch a new MacBook Air and Mac mini this fall

    The low-cost 2018 MacBook Air is likely to feature smaller bezels than previous models and once again include a 13-inch display.

  • twitch twitch

    Twitch wants to steal YouTube stars for its video service

    Everyone from actor Will Smith to lifestyle guru Gigi Gorgeous has been approached by Amazon to make a switch.

  • in-app purchases report in-app purchases report

    A new report shows women are more likely to spend money on in-app video game purchases

    The report also breaks down the costs of acquiring different users on different platforms.

  • fitbit charge 3 fitbit charge 3

    The new Fitbit Charge 3 features a big display and an upgraded heart rate sensor

    The new version will officially launch in October.

  • apple apps china apple apps china

    Apple removes 25,000 gambling apps from China’s App Store

    Apparently, the apps are still working if the user had already downloaded it prior to the ban.

  • sodastream pepsico buyout sodastream pepsico buyout

    Pepsi has bought SodaStream for a staggering $3.2 billion

    As more people turn to healthier drinking alternatives, Pepsi looks to sweeten the trend with SodaStream.

  • apple ipad explosion netherlands apple ipad explosion netherlands

    An Apple Store in the Netherlands was forced to close following iPad explosion

    According to multiple reports, the battery pack in the tablet became overheated which caused the explosion.

  • fulton market district google fulton market district google

    Google is set to launch its first brick and mortar store in Chicago

    The location is only a couple blocks from their Midwest HQ.

  • netflix smart downloads streaming netflix smart downloads streaming

    Netflix is testing video promotions between shows and everyone basically hates it

    If we start seeing random ads between shows, we riot.

  • apple apple

    Apple’s press event is around the corner, with rumors of a new MacBook making an appearance

    Here's what we should expect from the event.

  • kodi boxes kodi box kodi boxes kodi box

    Facebook throws some shade at Kodi boxes

    But, this isn't anything new.

  • new oneplus 6 reviews oneplus 6t t-mobile new oneplus 6 reviews oneplus 6t t-mobile

    T-Mobile will be the first major US carrier to sell a OnePlus device

    The price of the OnePlus 6T, which hasn't officially been announced, is tentatively set at $550.

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