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Jonathan White

Big-headed Blogger with a press pass. Jonathan is a former KnowTechie contributor.

Stories By Jonathan White

  • roccat-sova-2 roccat-sova-2

    Review: Roccat Sova – Seated bliss

    While the Roccat Sova is a nice piece of tech, it really only fits a certain niche of users.

  • Techni Sport TS-5000 Green Gaming Chair Review

    Editor’s Note: Some of our regular readers might be asking what the hell I’m thinking of doing a review for a...

  • dissidia dissidia

    Best of E3: Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is exactly what it should be

    It's everything Dissidia originally should have been without the weird Japanese shit that made it unwelcoming.

  • sound heroes bluetooth speaker sound heroes bluetooth speaker

    Sound Heroes is the most contrived Bluetooth speaker on Earth

    Because everyone needs a giant robot statue taking up an entire coffee table in their house.

  • scufps4pro scufps4pro

    Review: SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro – The ultimate competition controller

    All the utility of an Elite controller, with a focus on streamlining performance.

  • ea press conference ea press conference

    EA’s press recap at E3 2017: An event full of awkward goodies 

    More awkward than a Nun at Hedonism, EA's press conference had some notably bad moments meant to illicit "real" virality.

  • snakebyte nintendo switch collection snakebyte nintendo switch collection

    Snakebyte’s collection of Switch accessories are a goldmine

    You can snag all of these items for just under $50, and that's pretty damn impressive.

  • Tormentor❌Punisher Tormentor❌Punisher

    Review: Tormentor X Punisher – Screaming goregasm

    Welcome to Planet Fuck You

  • ultra street fighter 2 ultra street fighter 2

    Review: Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers – Insert coin for nostalgia

    There's a surprising amount of content, but also a surprisingly large price tag.

  • Amazon Masoine gaming keyboard Amazon Masoine gaming keyboard

    Review: Masione gaming keyboard – Not a horrible choice for $25

    The Masione gaming keyboard is a solid entry-level gaming keyboard for those who want something a little nicer.

  • 8bit tekken 8bit tekken

    Tekken retold in retro style is comically hilarious

    If you're looking for something to chuckle at today and need a break from work, allow us to introduce Tekken retold...

  • injustice 2 injustice 2

    Here’s your first look at Injustice 2

    injustice 2

  • injustice 2 injustice 2

    Injustice 2 has Darkseid and his obscenely awesome projectile attacks

    Darkseid has an amazing laser beam.

  • shiness-the-lightning-kingdom-review shiness-the-lightning-kingdom-review

    Review: Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom – Kung Furry Adventure

    All the pretty visuals and melancholy music might make this one a fun game to look at and hear, but that's...

  • hyper x cloud stinger hyper x cloud stinger

    Review: HyperX Cloud Stinger headset – Kicking down the door of entry level

    Hands down, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is the most capable budget quality headset you're going to find.

  • mario kart 8 deluxe mario kart 8 deluxe

    Review: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Victory Laps

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a lot more than just the "complete edition" - it's the only edition that exists from this...

  • Bandai Namco Bandai Namco

    Bandai Namco releases new IP teaser with the tagline Prepare To Dine

    Demons and Vampires and dat art style, dear God.

  • bulletstorm full clip edition bulletstorm full clip edition

    Review: BulletStorm: Full Clip Edition – Hail to the King of Dick Killing

    Bulletstorm originally released back in 2011. While it gained a large cult following, the game didn’t do well in sales –...

  • Dragon Quest Heroes II has a demo out on PSN

    Dragon Quest Heroes II lets you return to slaying hordes of monsters, but this time you get to become the monsters...

  • Wrestlemania Wrestlemania

    Wrestlemania 33 – the ultimate disappointment ride

    Wrestlemania 33 - The Ultimate Thrill Ride? More like Yawnstlemania 33 - A 6-hour bore of disappointment.

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