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Can Oculus Quest 2 controllers be used on the original Quest?

The Quest 1 is still a decent VR headset, but what if you need a new controller?

oculus quest 2 controller
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Quick Answer: No, Quest 2 controllers won’t work on the Original Oculus Quest. However, if you own both headsets, you can use your original controllers on the new model.

Oculus ships every Quest VR headset with a matching pair of Touch Controllers, so you’ve got everything you need to dive head-first into VR.

But what happens if you break one? Or if you want to use the newer, more power-efficient Oculus Quest 2 controllers on your original Quest?

I mean, they’re all Bluetooth, right? Can’t you just buy a pair of Oculus Quest 2 controllers or third-party alternatives and link them to your original Quest headset?

So, can I use the new Quest 2 controllers on my Quest 1 headset?

Short answer: No

For the longer answer, I’m going to point you to the official Oculus Support forums, where the official Community Manager account says you can’t.

That’s probably because the Quest 2 controllers have fewer LEDs for tracking to save power, so that won’t be supported on the original Quest 1 headset.

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The reverse is also a no, with the Oculus Quest 2 not being compatible with controllers from the Quest 1.

The Quest 1 controllers were discontinued at some point in 2021, so they’re no longer in production.

If you still want to use your Oculus Quest 1 after breaking a controller, your best bet is eBay.

If you can’t find one cheaply enough, you can use an Xbox One controller or many other popular controllers, but you’ll lose the motion control options.

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