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Can the Xbox Series X play Blu-ray movies?

Wanting to dust off the old Blu-ray collection, and looking for a device that can play them?

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The Xbox Series X is more than just a gaming console. Microsoft’s ninth-generation console is a computing powerhouse that combines gaming with just about anything else you could ask from a multi-media device.

You can download all kinds of streaming apps, like Disney Plus or Netflix, and use your console as a full-on streaming device. The Xbox Series X also has a disc drive, so you can play any of those old DVDs you have laying around.

But what about Blu-ray? For a short period of time, Blu-ray was the king of digital media, and every movie that came out got a Blu-ray release, as they were the highest quality video available at the time. If you have an old Blu-ray collection you might be wondering, “Can I play Blu-ray movies on my Xbox Series X?”

So, can the Xbox Series X play Blu-ray discs?

Short Answer: Yes

The Xbox Series X is absolutely capable of playing that old Blu-ray movie that you snagged back in 2012.

For whatever reason, the console doesn’t have the Blu-ray player installed by default, so you will have to head to the Microsoft Store on your console and download the Blu-ray app. It’s a relatively small app, and once you do that you’ll be ready to play Blu-ray movies right on your console.

If you haven’t snagged your new console yet and you want to make sure it’s capable of playing your Blu-rays, do keep in mind that this is only available on the Series X version of the ninth-gen consoles. The Xbox Series S is sold without a disc drive, so you’ll have to stick to streaming on that version of the console.

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