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Celebrities on Instagram make people feel like shit according to a new study

When we only see the best of what happens to celebrities, we’re sure to feel bad about our lives.

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Continuing the saga of Facebook and the negative impact that it has on young people’s feelings, newly released studies help to prove what we already knew: Celebrities on Instagram like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Charli D’amelio have followers that experience negative feelings about their personal image.

Research documents revealed by The Wall Street Journal as part of its Facebook Files show a slide deck that looks at how users react to certain celebrities that they might follow.

This particular study is from over a year ago and looks at around 100,000 users from several countries, including the United States.

Though participants in the study were not asked to name specific accounts, Facebook spokesperson Kevin McAlister said that celebrity accounts were “some of the most frequently seen accounts for people who told us they experienced either higher or lower levels of negative social comparison on Instagram.”

The study found that major celebrities with active Instagram presence, such as Ariana Grande or Kendall Jenner, were likely to be among the celebrities whose followers felt more negative feelings about themselves.

These findings aren’t really surprising at all. As we know, social media tends to only show the best part of someone’s life, and for celebrities, those highs are greater than most of us can even imagine. It’s no wonder that having celebrities plastered all over social media is going to make some users feel worse about themselves.

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