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Instagram users can now join group chats in Facebook Messenger

You’ll also be able to run Messenger-style polls in both Instagram DMs and cross-app group chats.

facebook instagram messenger group chats
Image: Facebook

To make things extremely chaotic, Facebook is now letting Instagram users join group chats in Messenger. Now you can create a group chat and include both Facebook friends and Instagram contacts in the conversation. Talk about worlds colliding, right? 

Messenger will still give you all the same features on how contacts can reach you. Meaning, you can control who you see in your Chats List, who goes into your Message Request folder, and who’s able to message or call you. 

Another feature Facebook is adamant about stuffing down our throats is the addition of polls to Instagram DMs and group chats. If you’re in a large group chat, you can now run a poll for things like what to watch next or setting up a meeting place. Pretty standard stuff. 

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There are a few new additions as well, like a new “Watch Together” feature for Instagram, along with new chat themes. Everything that Facebook announced can be found here in this blog post. The new features will be rolled out to Messenger and Instagram today. 

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