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Crucible, Amazon’s first AAA video game, launches for free on May 20th

It will be available for download on Steam.

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It’s a very strange world when a decent part of our gaming coverage revolves around companies like Google and Amazon, but here we are. Now, Amazon is getting ready to release its first AAA title to the world in the form of the third-person shooter, Crucible.

It is scheduled to launch on Steam on May 20 and the title will be free-to-play. There’s no word yet on exactly how the game plans to monetize itself, but it is probably safe to assume it will be in the form of skins and other elements that will be familiar to gamers than play games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

That said, Crucible is not a battle royale, but instead a team-based shooter with three different modes available.

Check out Crucible in action

In Crucible, you’ll play as one of ten different Hunters, each with their own unique abilities and guns across three different modes, with each offering different objectives and ways to play.

These modes include Heart of the Hives, Harvester Command, and Alpha Hunters.

  • Heart of the Hives tasks two teams of four with taking down bosses that drop Hearts and the first team to collect three Hearts wins
  • Harvester Command seems similar to something like Domination in Call of Duty, where teams compete for points on the map. The longer you hold the points, the more your score goes up
  • Alpha Hunters seems to be a deathmatch-style mode, where eight teams of two compete to be the last one remaining

Judging from the gameplay footage, it looks like the game could prove to be a fun one, but it will be interesting to see how Amazon handles its first major game release. I’m also curious to see how the company inevitably ties the title in with Twitch, also owned by Amazon.

This is not the only game project Amazon is working on, with New World (an MMO) and a Lord of the Rings title also in the works. These titles will also most-likely tie in with Amazon’s recently confirmed game streaming platform, Project Tempo.

What do you think? Interested in Crucible or any of Amazon’s other game projects? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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