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DoNotPay’s app will now wait on hold for you on customer service calls

There’s nothing worse than being on hold.

donotpay website on an iphone
Image: DoNotPay

DoNotPay bills itself as the “first robotic lawyer,” started to help with small claims, but it’s so much more than that nowadays. The $3 a month subscription lets you test subscription services without hassle, and now it has a new trick.

The robot lawyer can call companies for you, skipping past those horrible hold queues, and getting you to a real human to talk to. Nice.

DoNotPay now helps you skip that annoying hold music that every company uses

Let’s face it. Nobody likes waiting on hold. It’s my personal opinion that companies use long hold queues to reduce complaints, as people might be dissuaded from waiting. Now you can use an app to do it for you, with DoNotPay. The app will call the company for you, use a few tricks with the mapped-out options, and get you connected to a real person. It’s almost like having customer service call you for a change.

Oh, and you can record the exchange, in case the company tries to pull a fast one. If so, you get the option to share that exchange on social media, and we all know how much companies hate their shitty service going viral.

The full list of DoNotPay services you get for $3 a month is staggering:

  • Skip those waiting queues on customer service lines
  • Auto-cancel subscription trials before you’re actually charged
  • Dispute those parking tickets
  • Find refunds on bank fees, forgotten subscriptions, and free stuff on your birthday
  • Paperwork assistance for government things like DMV appointments
  • Sort out refunds for things like phone bill charges or missed/delayed flight compensation

Seriously, for half of the cash you pay for your latte in the morning, you can skip past so many of life’s annoyances and have the robots do it for you. Isn’t technology great?

DoNotPay is available only on iOS. DoNotPay for Android and Web is currently in early testing.

What do you think? Interested in the DoNotPay service? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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